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One of their highlighted community operations is the “Kinderbond”. This program attracts between 500 and 800 youths from areas such Roodeval, Riverview and Avianpark. The program deals with social ills and where necessary tackles the growing problem of drug addiction. Community development also features in their work in Zweletemba, as they conducted a number of empowerment workshops. “God’s love impacted and changed our lives, we would like to impact God's love on the rural community of Worcester,” says Arno Pienaar, deputy base leader of Ywam in Worcester.

A tremendous feeling of unity and love prevailed at the historical interdenominational transformation service in Worcester's NG Church on Sunday, July 30. More than a thousand Christians from virtually every denomination gathered together for this service where the emphasis was placed on hope, unity, reconciliation and the transformation of the community. Those persent heartily sang together in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa and at times even held hands.

He pointed out that it is good to serve God in a variety of ways and cautioned that Christians may not be deterred by variety. A faithful community is especially enriched by the variety that exists in South Africa: the black Christian's fine touch for the spiritual world, the coloured community's ability to build bridges, the white Afrikaner's pioneering abilities and the business and management talents of the white English-speaking people.

Similarly, the fixed basis of the reformed tradition and daring of the Pentecostal and charismatic churces is also necessary for the unity of the body. Pastor Coates, whose preaching is strongly directed towards reconciliation and healing, emphasised the great pain existing in the hearts of South Africans. It is the enemy, the devil, that causes the pain and trauma in the country, he said. Jesus Christ did not only die for the world's sins, but also for people's pain. The church must show that there's hope: that Christ is the answer, also for the existing material poverty, he said.

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