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Believers who attended the service afterwards could not stop talking about the warmth and unity they experienced. "It was wonderful to pray together over all boundaries. It gives you fire," said Mrs Marihette van der Merwe. A general prayer is that similar services perhaps should be held at least once a month.


Last year Pastor Coates was involved at a reconciliation camp of Mercy Ministries where most of Worcester's spiritual leaders were present. Sunday evening's transformation service was the direct result of this camp. Believers from 10 continents attended the service, the international flavour being provided by a missionary group currently undergoing training at YWAM. The Worcester Minister's Forum, which meets every third Thursday of the month, will discuss the possibility of more such services.

The most important though is the need for people to hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience His love. There are many opportunities in many different areas. The Worcester base is a international base. It is possible to be exposed to a number of cultures, as we are usually brothers and sisters from a minimum of 15 countries training and working together. It is important that foreigners get the correct visa before they come.

The International Airport of Cape Town is 120 km from Worcester. Someone with YWAM identification will pick you up where you come out of the restriction area. It is important that we know your exact flight, date and time of arrival ahead of time. With the proper visa you will have no problem passing through immigration. Somebody from the YWAM base will pick you up, therefore it is important that we know with which bus agency you are traveling, as well as the date and time of arrival. Before boarding make sure you are on the right bus and that it will stop in Worcester.

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