Wherever I go in South Africa, I hear people talking about revival. There is an expectancy in the Church that something is going to hap- pen. There have been many prophesies over the past decades, that God has a plan for South Africa. But if we look at the violence in the country, the value of the rand, interest rates, price of petrol, etc, it can be very discouraging.

Today I want to encourage you and say that I believe the situation is no different to what it was in many other countries in past centuries when revival started. The key to all the past revivals was when the Christians started to pray. As I read about the revival that happened in Worcester in 1860, under Andrew Murray, and the fruit that came out of that, I am very excited, because that is in line with why I believe God has called us as YWAM Worcester.

Some of the direct fruit that flowed out of that revival in 1860, was the start of a Theological Training School, the release of many Missionaries and a Teachers Training program. All this had a major impact on the citizens of Worcester and the future of South Africa. Likewise, I believe that God wants us to have an impact on Worcester by networking with churches to release many South Africans of different cultures to be missionaries. In this way we would impact positively in the future of our nation. Our aim is to equip and mobilize people to go as missionaries to people groups all over the world.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) are people of all ages unified by God's love and dedicated to world evangelism. In 1960, evangelist and founder Loren Cunningham tapped thousands of youth for world evangelism. By 1964 the Discipleship Training School (DTS) became the basic entry point into YWAM. In 1969 the first School of Evangelism was established in Switzerland. During the 70s many outreach teams became permanent.

FOR a young journalist who is relatively unknown to the Worcester community it was amazing to see the tremendous local involvement of the missions organization Ywam. I was sent to several occasions where diverse projects were promoted, and nearly each and every time Ywam members were closely involved. Furthermore a visit to one of their exciting church services had a pleasant surprise in store as the congregation wonderfully reflected the demographics of a “Rainbow nation”. Youth with a Mission is a non-profit establishment that focusses on the training of Christian missionaries to spread the gospel of Christ throughout Africa.

It also hosts a variety of students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The students come from as far as the United States and South Korea to study in this field. Their network extend accross 130 countries in 600 different locations. The training that YWAM provides is not only biblical, but features agriculture as well as the management of health clinics. In Worcester they have been involved in numerous community activities, such as the past school holiday programme in the recreational centre in Van Huyssteen Avenue. Their primary health care students actively participated in the polio and measles week in July.

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